Remember the 60’s………..or maybe you don’t? Let Starburn take you there with the music of a time when all things seemed possible. A time when men walked on the moon, computers were in their infancy, and cell phones didn’t exist.

The music was a reflection of the social changes of that era involving great vocal harmonies with strong guitar and keyboard virtuosity. Whether you grew up with this music or you first heard it on your parent’s stereo it has influenced you in some way.

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A Tribute To Woodstock!

Stargazers Theatre And Event Center, 10 South Parkside Drive, Colorado Springs, Co

This show was so successful last year Stargazers is making it an annual event! The first set focuses on the music and culture that resulted in this historic festival. The second set is all about the music and artists that performed at Woodstock! Grab your tie-dye and join the celebration! Like at Woodstock admission is free!